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Being a 4-H member opens up a world of opportunity to learn, gain skills, and be part of the community. 4-H builds confidence and helps youth become strong future leaders!

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4-H volunteers are the heart of our organization! Share your experience and knowledge with our youth and help build our amazing young future leaders!

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We rely on sponsors and donors to support the overall goals of 4-H Nova Scotia. Learn more about how you can get involved with the organization.

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We help our youth “Learn To Do By Doing” in a safe, inclusive and fun environment, providing opportunities for leadership and life skills development, while promoting agriculture awareness. 4-H is a nation-wide, family-oriented, community-based, youth organization dedicated to the development of young Canadians, encouraging them to become responsible members of society.


Community Engagement and Communications, Science and Technology, The Environment and Healthy Living, and Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security are the 4-H Pillars. Learn more about each pillar.

Opportunities & Events

Being part of 4-H offers amazing opportunities locally, provincially, and nationally! Take a look at our list of events, conferences, learning opportunities, scholarships, camp, travel and so much more!

Grade 10 Credit

Please see the Grade 10 Credit Project page.

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Kevin Grant Tour

Kevin Grant began 4-H with the Hardwood Lands 4-H Club in Hants County in 1966. He was a dedicated 4-Her, participating in club, county and provincial activities. He made many good friends from across Nova Scotia, and the 4-H program helped him develop skills that would help him later in…

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First Aid Course

You can book your St. John’s Ambulance First Aid session with 4-H Nova Scotia. Before you do, please review the information document and then complete the form. Both are listed below. Looking for the First Aid project?

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Youth Advisory Committee (YAC)

The 4-H Canada Youth Advisory Committee (YAC), is the national youth voice for 4-H Canada. YAC provides leadership opportunities for outstanding young people from across the country who have been involved in 4-H and want to continue to play a role and contribute to the 4-H movement in Canada. A…

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There are several scholarships available through 4-H. Please refer to the documents below for more information.

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Award Trips

National Award Trips are a highlight for many 4-H members and leaders, providing an opportunity to create new friendships and learn more about the 4-H program. 4-H Canada National Award Trips (Members) National Award Opportunities National Award Application Form – closed 4-H Canada Leadership Summit (Leaders) Leader Award Application –…

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Leadership Development Scholarships

4-H Nova Scotia is pleased to partner with Kubota to offer Leadership Development Scholarships 4-H members in each county have an opportunity to win a scholarship to cover registration fees to attend a leadership development conference. Scholarships will be selected as part of 4-H Nova Scotia Award Opportunities but are…

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Annual General Meeting (AGM)

  AGM 2020 – Board of Directors’ Report   Due to the nature of the 2020 AGM, the agenda will be significantly reduced.  The three resolutions will be referred to the Board for disposition and, in the event the sponsoring counties are not satisfied with the disposition of the Board,…

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Provincial Show

Considering the uncertainty of COVID-19, this year 4-H Nova Scotia will be welcoming you to our virtual end-of-year celebration in lieu of our Provincial Show. While we can’t provide you with your usual weekend jam packed with competitions and catching up with your 4-H family, we can provide anentertaining event…

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Atlantic Members Conference

The Atlantic Members Conference is organized each year by the Atlantic 4-H Committee with members and leaders attending from Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, New Brunswick and New Brunswick Francophone. 4-H members participate in team building exercises, local tours, healthy living and life skills workshops and other local educational…

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4-H Weekend

4-H Weekend is a great opportunity for families to socialize and participate in a variety of communication events, as well as woodsmen, and 4-H weekend challenge. 4-H Weekend will be coming to you this year from the comfort of your own regions! Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, we have…

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Camp Rankin

4-H Camp Rankin Camps Camp Rankin week-long camps are a co-ed residential camp for 4-H members, and friends, ages 9 to 15. Broken into five one-week camps (ie. 3 one-week camps ages 9 – 12 and 2 week-long camp ages 13 – 15), the camp week begins on Sunday afternoon…

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