Planning An In-Person Meeting?

We have entered Phase 5 of Nova Scotia’s reopening plan as of October 4th, 2021. The following restriction adjustments are in place starting October 4th:

  • Informal social gatherings not hosted by a business or organization – up to 25 people indoors and up to 50 people outdoors without social distancing and masks. Masks may be required if you’re in an indoor public place with mask requirements.
  • No gathering limits for events hosted by a business or organization.
  • Mask requirements for indoor public places remain in place.
  • You need proof of full vaccination to participate in discretionary, non-essential events and activities that gather people together (any in-person 4-H event). Proof of vaccination isn’t required for children 11 and younger (they can attend events and activities). Learn more: what’s considered fully vaccinated.

If you are having club meetings, events or registration nights, proof of vaccination is required for all in-person attendees.

Let’s start at the beginning. Have you read the “4-H Nova Scotia Programming in 2021” document?

We know it’s long, but it’s full of great information and will answer many of your questions! Think of this as your meeting guidelines.

Step 1

Plan! Plan! Plan!

Sounds easy, right? Read the Guidelines above and be sure to get familiar with the NS Government Guidelines, as well.

Step 2

Submit your forms

This part is easy. Fill out the 4-H NS COVID-19 Meeting Form and send it to us at least 14 days in advance.

Step 3

Activity request

If your event is considered high risk (ie: woodsmen, highway clean-up, etc) or is a multi-club event, you will also need to complete a 4-H Canada Activity Plan as reviewed in our leader training sessions at least 14 days in advance.

But what about my waivers?

Everyone who attends a 4-H Nova Scotia event has to fill out a COVID Waiver. The good news? You only have to fill it out once! However, it’s important to fill your waiver out properly. We’ve created some great resources for you. First, there is an instructional PDF that you can print and have at your event. Secondly, we have a video that walks you through the process.

Cancellations & Postponements

4-H Weekend 2021 – Virtual
Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, we have decided to host our provincial competition virtually. Please refer to 4-H Weekend page for more information.

Nova Scotia Provincial Show (October 2, 2021) – Virtual
Considering the uncertainty of COVID-19, 4-H Nova Scotia will be welcoming you to our virtual end-of- year celebration in lieu of our Provincial Show in 2021. Please refer to Pro Show page for more info.

Annual General Meeting (November 2021) – Virtual
Communication will be sent out with more information regarding this year’s AGM in the fall.

Tug-Of-War (Provincial Competitions) – Postponed to 2022
Please refer to Programming in 2021 document for more information.

Woodsmen (Provincial Competitions) – Postponed to 2022
Please refer to Programming in 2021 document for more information.

Kevin Grant Tour – Postponed to 2022

Atlantic Members Conference – Postponed to 2022

St.F.X. Leadership Conference – Postponed to 2022

Camp Rankin – Postponed to 2022

These FAQs reflect the most current information available to 4-H Nova Scotia. It is important to understand there is much that remains uncertain and as we receive updates some answers may need to be adjusted to reflect the new information.
Please continue to send your questions and requests for clarification to 4-H Nova Scotia.

Can Leaders still meet with members?

Please refer to the 4-H Nova Scotia Instructions to Implement Communications and Virtual Meetings in an Electronic Environment document. In order to communicate with your members via electronic communication (email, Zoom, etc.) you must read the document and sign the form found at the bottom of the linked page.

What if I do not have the materials to do online activities?

4-H Nova Scotia staff will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate this type of situation. RPCs will also work toward supporting ongoing engagement of 4-H members across the province.

If a Member qualified the past two years with conformation for the Royal Beef team and would only qualify for showmanship in the current year, would this count as the showmanship year, or would the opportunity be lost?

Similar to lifeskills projects which have levels, the Member will remain at the current level for next year and will need to qualify via showmanship.

Can we compete in exhibitions?

A recent decision by the Exhibition Association of Nova Scotia, with the support of the Minister of Agriculture, has announced that due to the nature of these events they are suspending all physical exhibitions and fairs across the province for the 2021 season to ensure the safety of employees, volunteers, exhibitors and the public.

Will County Bursaries for graduating students be given out this year?

Individual Counties are responsible for the selection and distribution of their own bursary programs.

Where can members go for mental health support?

4-H Canada has partnered with Kids Help Phone to create mental health resources which are available at

Members seeking help may contact

Can we participate in petting farms, displays and information days?

No. At this time, 4-H Nova Scotia does not permit participation in these events. Updates will be provided on this page.

Are scholarships still available?

Scholarship deadlines have been updated, please check this page for updates. Applications will be accepted by email.

When Government restrictions/guidelines have been lifted, can clubs resume normal activities for 2020/2021?

As government restrictions are lifted, 4-H Nova Scotia will provide revised direction.

What kind of work can county councils continue with?

County Councils may continue with work that complies with the 4-H Nova Scotia Suspension of regular in-person programming, Government recommendations and directives, and the 4-H Nova Scotia Instructions for Communications and Meetings in a Virtual Environment.

If a county council received funding can they still hire a summer student?

A County should consider if it has sufficient work to keep a student employed for the duration of the work term, and can satisfy the recommendations and guidelines of the Province and 4-H Nova Scotia while providing appropriate supervision before making a decision to hire.

Ideas for Families

Craving ideas to help survive the days without the routine of school and extracurricular programs? Check out our activities. Feel free to share your ideas!

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Printable My COVID-19 Time Capsule

4-H Nova Scotia Office Operations

We have established a strategy that will enable the 4-H Nova Scotia office staff to continue to work, with as little interruption as possible, from the safety of their homes.

The 4-H Nova Scotia physical office space will remain closed indefinitely.

Office staff continue to monitor their phone lines, emails, and faxes Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:30am – 4:30pm.

Contact Us

4-H Nova Scotia Board Operations

The 4-H Nova Scotia Board of Directors will continue to meet monthly via conference call.
As the COVID-19 situation develops we will continue to make decisions in the best interests of our 4-H members, leaders, volunteers, and families. Information updates will continue to be released directly to County Council Presidents and Leaders.

Board of Directors