Last Update: March 3, 2021

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

4-H Nova Scotia's response to COVID-19

A message from the 4-H Nova Scotia Board of Directors:

Until now, 4-H programming has, for the most part, taken place in person. Since we have suspended all 4-H regular in-person programming indefinitely, we are pivoting from that traditional in-person structure to a virtual environment so you can continue to engage as a 4-H family. To do so, we need to be safe and we need to have guidelines in place. Therefore, the Board has developed the 4-H Nova Scotia Instructions to Implement Communications and Virtual
Meetings in an Electronic Environment.

These Instructions have components which apply to all leaders and members who engage in communications and virtual meetings across the electronic environment. You are required to ensure that you follow all of those which apply to you. Throughout all of this, the 4-H Nova Scotia Code of Conduct continues to apply.

We are very much aware of the risks inherent in a virtual environment and intend to do everything we can to ensure the safety of everyone in 4-H Nova Scotia.  

Reopening 4-H Nova Scotia

Information regarding 4-H Nova Scotia's Phased Reopening Plan and guidelines to follow


Information on mental health, Kid's Help Phone, and other support.

Virtual Guidelines

Important guidelines and information to review prior to engaging with 4-H members electronically.


Click here for an upated list of our frequently asked questions.

4-H at Home

Weekly online 4-H programming.
NOTE: Please review virtual guidelines.

External Links

Please refer to our external links below for resources to help guide you through the days ahead.

Fun for Families

Craving ideas to help survive the days without the routine of school and extracurricular activities? 

Office Operations

4-H Nova Scotia office operations during the pandemic.

4-H Nova Scotia

Up-to-date information on 4-H NS events and activities.

4-H Canada

Up-to-date information on National events and conferences.

Clubs & Counties

Information on club and county activities.

PLEASE NOTE: On March 22, 2020, the Province of Nova Scotia declared a state of emergency to help contain the spread of COVID-19. The emergency order has been extended until noon on March 7, 2021. We strongly advise all members, volunteers, and staff to take precautions and follow the directives set out by the Government of Nova Scotia during this time.

Latest News

Reopening 4-H Nova Scotia: Five-Phase Plan

On September 4, 2020 the 4-H Nova Scotia Board of Directors released their five-phase reopening plan and launched phase one!

As of November 9, 2020, 4-H Nova Scotia has entered phase two!

Please review the documents below to learn about each phase and ensure you are following all guidelines, policies, and procedures.


**Please click your browser's refresh button prior to downloading any forms using the links below. This will help to ensure you are accessing the most up-to-date information.


Phases Outline


Forms and Waivers


Protocols and Guidelines


Posters and Info-Graphics


These FAQs reflect what we know today, May 5, 2020. It is important to understand there is much that remains uncertain and as we receive updates some answers may need to be adjusted to reflect the new information.

Please continue to send your questions and requests for clarification to 4-H Nova Scotia. 4-H Nova Scotia will host Facebook Live Sessions as needed.

Have more questions? Send them to us at

4-H Nova Scotia Office Operations


We have established a strategy that will enable the 4-H Nova Scotia office staff to continue to work, with as little interruption as possible, from the safety of their homes.

  • The 4-H Nova Scotia physical office space will remain closed indefinitely.

  • Office staff continue to monitor their phone lines, emails, and faxes Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:30am – 4:30pm.

4-H Nova Scotia Board Operations

  • The 4-H Nova Scotia Board of Directors will continue to meet monthly via conference call.

  • As the COVID-19 situation develops we will continue to make decisions in the best interests of our 4-H members, leaders, volunteers, and families. Information updates will continue to be released directly to County Council Presidents and Leaders.

Clubs & Counties

Club Events

  • Please refer to the 4-H NS COVID-19 Reopening Plan - Phases 1-5 on our COVID-19 Updates page by clicking the link in the green banner at the top of this page.
  • Club leaders must complete a COVID-19 Meeting Form and receive approval prior to hosting any events/activities (this includes general meetings, project meetings, fundraisers, Achievement Days, community service activities, etc.). Clubs or project groups can also meet virtually, provided there are two screened volunteers participating virtually.
  • Members, project groups, or clubs can participate in virtual challenges and activities.
  • Members can continue to work on their own individual projects with their own families at home (eg. Completing record sheets, working with project animals or on project articles or activities). Youth under 18 years of age must be under the supervision of their parent/guardian as individual work is not considered insurable 4-H activity.

County Events

  • Please refer to the 4-H NS COVID-19 Reopening Plan - Phases 1-5 on our COVID-19 Updates page by clicking the link in the green banner at the top of this page
  • Club and County Public Speaking events are postponed.
  • County Meetings can only be held in person with an approved COVID-19 Meeting Form. Please see COVID Updates page using the link in the banner at the top of the page for further information. Meetings can also still be transitioned to a conference/ZOOM call (please contact Shannon in the 4-H Nova Scotia office for assistance if required). 
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4-H Nova Scotia

Event Cancellations & Postponements

  • Kevin Grant Tour (March 16 - 17, 2020) - Postponed.
    Communication has been sent out to all participating members with further instruction and information.


  • Atlantic Members Conference (April 24 - 26, 2020) - Postponed.
    Communication will be sent out to all participating members with further instruction and information.


  • 4-H Weekend (May 1 - 2, 2020) - Postponed.
    Based on recent notification from Dalhousie University regarding their cancellations, 4-H Weekend is cancelled for 2020. This includes all Public Speaking, Demonstration, Ambassador, and Woodsmen Competitions.


  • St.F.X. Leadership Conference (May 8 - 9, 2020) - Postponed.


  • Chocolate Bar Fundraising Campaign - Extended (June 15, 2020)
    The Chocolate Bar Fundraising Campaign will be extended to 15 June 2020. The counties will be expected to submit payment, along with the names for the random draw, no later than 1 July 2020. 4-H Nova Scotia will keep you informed if a further extension is advised.


  • Camp Rankin (July 5 - August 7, 2020) - Postponed.


  • Nova Scotia Provincial Show (October 2 - 3, 2020) - Postponed.


  • Annual General Meeting (November 20, 2020) - Virtual.
    Communication will be sent out with more information regarding this year's AGM including virtual platform and agenda.

Competition Cancellations & Postponements


  • Public Speaking and Demonstrations (Remainder of 2019/2020) - Postponed.


  • Tug-Of-War (Remainder of 2019/2020) - Postponed.


  • Woodsmen (Remainder of 2019/2020) - Postponed.
Canada Map Silhouette.png

4-H Canada

Event Cancellations & Postponements

4-H Canada’s current priorities are to determine the 30 and 60 day programming plan for national programs. They will continue to assess risk on an ongoing basis and are following recommended steps from public, local, and federal government agencies. We are continuing to communicate regarding this issue. 


  • US National Conference - (March 28 - April 2, 2020) - Postponed (September 26 - October 1, 2020)


  • Hands to Larger Service & Youth Service Leader Training (April through August) - Postponed (Dates to be determined)


  • Citizenship Congress (May 5 to 10, 2020) - In-Person Cancelled - Running Virtually (December 4 to 5, 2020)
    Registration October 16 to 28, 2020)


  • Careers on the Grow Internships (May through July) - Postponed


  • Club to Club Exchanges (June through August) - Postponed (Summer 2021)


  • Going Global Exchanges (June through August) - Postponed
  • Canada Wide Science Fair - March 2021
    Registration (September 1 - January 11, 2021)

Fun Ideas for Families

Craving ideas to help survive the days without the routine of school and extracurricular activities? We will continue to update this list as we find more great ideas. Feel free to share any you have as well at

  • Global News - How parents are getting through corona virus isolation — without depending on screens.




  • Rebrickable - Combine your old LEGO® to build new creations




  • Gardening with Town of Truro
    Join Urban & Forestry Coordinator, Andrew Williams as he teaches some great gardening tips for those of us who don't have the space for a full in-ground garden!