4-H in Nova Scotia is supported by very active volunteers who work to support the mission of 4-H in the province. The objectives and mission of 4-H Nova Scotia are realized through the implementation of a great number of programs and activities for both the youth membership and adult volunteers.

4-H Nova Scotia Board of Directors

The 4-H Nova Scotia Board of Directors consists of volunteers and staff (ex-officio) representing all regions in Nova Scotia. The Board appoints committees of 4-H volunteers, members, and staff to assist, coordinate, and implement programs as required throughout the year.

4-H Nova Scotia (previously known as the Nova Scotia 4-H Council) was created to act on behalf of the 4-H movement in Nova Scotia. Operationally, 4-H Nova Scotia staff handles the planning, implementation and management of programming.

2020 Board of Directors

Mila MacLean President
Vanessa Lentz Vice-President
Kevin MacEachern Treasurer
Carol Tobin Secretary
Scott Masters Past President
Lynn McGill Central Director
Meg Carroll Cape Breton Director
Ruby MacKenzie Eastern Director
Catherine Manning Valley Director
Dianne Cox Atlantic Committee Director
Matthew Boutilier YAC (Youth Advisory Committee)
Rachael Cheverie NSDA Representative

Resilience Plan

COVID-19 has resulted in economic and operational uncertainty in 4-H Nova Scotia and its communities, the worst disruptive crisis in its 100-year history. Simultaneously, 4- H NS assumed full control and responsibility for the permanent delivery of the 4-H program in Nova Scotia.

In order for 4-H NS to meet the challenges arising out of these changes, we need an agile and strategic response to identify and proactively manage the risks that can be anticipated as well as the investment in capabilities to cope with events which cannot be anticipated.

In order to:

  1. Minimize the harm done by the adverse consequences arising out of COVID-19 and the actions taken to date to comply with provincial and local laws, regulations, and requirements,
  2. Shepherd 4-H NS through the transfer of control of the 4-H program from Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and
  3. Bring 4-H NS back to full functioning in the safest and most practical way,

4-H NS has implemented a resilience plan to guide and support the next two years.

2021- 2023 Resilience Plan

Annual General Meeting

The 2021 Annual General Meeting will be held virtually. The AGM has been postponed and the new date will be announced shortly.

The deadline for submission of Resolutions to be considered at the 2021 Annual General Meeting is September 15, 2021.

2021 Bylaws

The Board of Directors introduced 4-H Nova Scotia’s proposed new structure and bylaws in 2021. A series of open town halls were held to field questions and bring our 4-H community together as we work towards the next 100 years of successful program delivery to youth in Nova Scotia.