Leader/Volunteer Screening

Volunteer training and screening processes are designed to create and maintain a safe environment for all. 4-H Nova Scotia has a moral and legal responsibility to screen all volunteers to help protect members, volunteers and the organization as a whole.

Forms and Downloads

All of the forms below must be completed as part of the leader application process. If you have any questions or issues, please contact our office at info@4hnovascotia.ca or 902.843.3990

Screening Info

  • NEW VOLUNTEERS- The screening package should include your registration form, Criminal Records Check (including vulnerable sector), Child Abuse Registry Check and three references. If needed, you may send in documents as they are completed. You do not need to save and send them at one time. References may send the completed form directly to our office.
  • RENEWING VOLUNTEERS- The screening package should include your registration form, Criminal Records Check (including vulnerable sector) and Child Abuse Registry Check.
  • Once the expiry date has passed, you are no longer a screened volunteer. It is important you begin the rescreening process two months prior to the date of expiry. This will avoid periods where your screening has lapsed and will allow for a smooth transition from one screening period to the next.
  • Please ensure Criminal Record Check (CRC) and Child Abuse Registry (CAR) are dated within six months of the date of receipt at the 4-H Nova Scotia office. If the required forms (CRC) and (CAR) are not within that timeframe, you will be required to get an updated version of the oldest form. If you are required to get fingerprints and the process is delayed, please contact our office.
  • To complete the Police Record Check, you will need to go to your local RCMP/town police station and have a Criminal Records Check done. Please ensure that you take the CRC letter, one piece of Photo ID (driver's license or provincial photo ID) and one other piece of identification (birth certificate, passport, health card, etc.). Be aware that some detachments may charge you for this service. This cost is not covered by 4-H NS.
  • We recognize that not all detachments of the RCMP are providing Criminal Record Checks with Vulnerable Sector Check at this time.  Please call ahead to your local detachment before dropping off your form.  If you are unable to secure this document, provide a brief letter to 4-H Nova Scotia indicating you will obtain the Criminal Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Check when available at your detachment.
  • To complete the Child Abuse Register check please complete the Child Abuse Register Request for Search (Form A). Please ensure that you attach a photocopy of your driver's license with picture ID and health card, and mail the form to: Private and Confidential, Child Abuse Register, Department of Community Services, PO Box 696, Halifax, NS, B3J 2T7. When you receive a reply letter, please enclose the reply letter (embossed original) with the remainder of your application package.
  • We must receive the original copy of your Child Abuse Registry check. You will receive it in the mail and then need to forward it to our office. We cannot accept copies, scans or fax.
  • IMPORTANT! Please note: Until the screening process is complete you are NOT permitted to supervise 4-H members. Each meeting will require, at minimum, two adults in supervisory role consisting of one Trained Leader and one Screened Volunteer.
  • IMPORTANT! Please note: If potential Trained Leaders do not complete the screening and training process, you will receive a reminder via email or call, a letter of reminder and then a letter to inform you that you are not permitted to represent 4-H in a leadership role.

Frequently Asked Questions