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Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The 4-H Nova Scotia Annual General Meeting will be held virtually on Friday, November 20, 2020. Details to follow.


Please click here for 2019 Resolutions.


There were four groups of people who attended the 2019 4-H Nova Scotia AGM and all had an important role to play in determining the path 4-H Nova Scotia took over the past year:

  1. 4-H Nova Scotia Board of Directors: This group of people is the governing body of 4-H Nova Scotia. They meet regularly throughout the year and make decisions to help keep the business of 4-H Nova Scotia going. They bring to the provincial table issues and concerns from regions and help ensure decisions made provincially are in the best interest of the province as a whole. They follow specific terms of reference and are selected at the annual AGM.
  2. AGM Voting Delegates: This group is chosen to represent their county at the 4-H Nova Scotia Annual Meeting and have a very specific role to play. They must meet with their county council prior to the meeting to get a feel for the county’s opinion on the resolutions and recommendations being voted on. They must also understand the reasoning behind any resolutions and recommendations coming from their county as they will be asked to speak to them and present them to the floor. In the end, they must vote on each resolution making sure the vote is the best one for 4-H Nova Scotia based on the facts presented at the AGM. Sometimes this means they may have to vote differently than they had originally planned. Delegates to Annual Meeting are required to give a detailed report back to their Counties.
  3. New Director Selection: In some regions, the term for the director will be up. The new directors are selected from the delegates at the annual meeting. Please keep that in mind in making plans to attend as a voting delegate as attendees may be asked to serve a term representing their region on the 4-H Nova Scotia Board of Directors.
  4. AGM Observers: Observers come to the annual meeting to learn, so that the following year they may choose to come as a voting delegate. Observers will sit at a separate table and cannot comment or vote during the formal part of the meeting. The annual meeting can be overwhelming for first-time delegates so coming as an observer helps counties prepare for the following year’s meeting. As with all 4-H events, observers will have the opportunity to talk and learn with delegates from across the province. 4-H County Councils are responsible for covering the cost of Observers.
  5. NSDA Staff: There will be NSDA staff members attending the 4-H Nova Scotia Annual Meeting. They are ex-officio members and do not vote. Their role is to ensure they have the correct information for program planning for the upcoming 4-H year and they will also provide clarification where necessary on projects or programs.