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Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The 4-H Nova Scotia Annual General Meeting was held November 15-16, 2019.

Click here for a copy of the 2019 resolutions: AGM Resolutions 


The following groups will be attending the 4-H Nova Scotia AGM and all have an important role to play in determining the path 4-H Nova Scotia takes over the next year:

  1. 4-H Nova Scotia Board of Directors: The Board of Directors of 4-H Nova Scotia is the group of elected representatives who are the governing body of the organization in between AGMs. Composed of fifteen (15) directors and the past president they meet regularly throughout the year giving leadership and guiding the strategic direction of the organization on behalf of the members. They are elected at the annual AGM.
  2. AGM Voting Delegates: The delegates to the Annual General Meeting are: two (2) delegates from each county—one adult volunteer (leader) and one senior member—elected to represent their county at the 4-H Nova Scotia Annual Meeting (36 delegates in total), and the members of the Board of Directors (16 in total), all of whom are entitled to vote at the AGM. The two representatives elected at the county level by serve a term of one year as delegates from one AGM to the next and to any other special general meeting that may be called. The county delegates are asked to meet with their county council prior to the meeting to get a feel for the county’s opinion on the resolutions and recommendations being voted on. They must also understand the reasoning behind any resolutions and recommendations coming from their county as they will be asked to speak to them and present them to the floor. In the end, they vote on each resolution making sure the vote is the best one for 4-H Nova Scotia based on the facts presented at the AGM. Sometimes this means they may have to vote differently than they had originally planned. County delegates to the AGM are required to give a detailed report back to their respective counties.
  3. New Director Selection: Directors are elected at the AGM, with various lengths of term of office. In some regions, the term for the director will be up. The Nominating Committee will present a slate of candidates to the AGM. Nominations from the floor will also be accepted. Elections are held as required. The election of any director is often by acclamation. Regional directors are selected by their regions and nominated and elected at the AGM. Directors in the position of President, 1st vice president, 2nd vice president, treasurer, Atlantic Committee representative, and secretary are elected at large. The remaining directors are nominated as a result of a position they hold, such as Ambassadors or the YAC member. Vacancies in any position after AGM may be filled by the Board.
  4. AGM Observers: Each county may send up to two observers, a leader and senior member. For AGM 2019, an additional observer in the position of the County President or designate will be permitted to attend. Observers come to the annual meeting to learn, so that the following year they may choose to come as a voting delegate. Observers will sit at a separate table and cannot comment or vote during the formal part of the AGM. As with all 4-H events, observers will have informal opportunities to talk and learn with delegates from across the province. 4-H County Councils are responsible for covering the cost of observers with the exception of the County President or designate for 2019.
  5. 4-H Nova Scotia Staff: the staff members are ex-officio observers and do not vote.
  6. NSDA Staff: NSDA staff members are ex-officio observers and do not vote. Their role is to ensure they have the correct information for program planning for the upcoming 4-H year and they may provide clarification, when requested, on projects or programs.
  7. For AGM 2019, County Council Presidents or designates are invited to attend the AGM as special, non-voting observers.

Delegates will be expected to:

  • Come prepared to participate in the AGM.
  • Show positive leadership in thoughtfully considering the future direction of 4-H.

AGM Registration Form – closed for 2019