4-H Registration

Member & Leader Registration

IMPORTANT: 4-H in Nova Scotia thrives from the work of volunteer leaders at Club level. Members and leaders register with the program at the Club level.  Registration Meetings are held between October 1st and November 30th. Registration deadline is December 1st.

4-H Ages (as of January 1, 2020): Cloverbuds: 7-8 years;  Members: 9-21 years

New and returning members and leaders register with the general leader at the club level by providing the following:

  1. Project Selection based on Club availability.
  2. Signed Code of Conduct Form
  3. Fee Payment (Cloverbuds/Members)
  4. For new members / leaders only: If not submitted online below, please provide general leader with completed form.

If you are new to the 4-H program and are unsure of which club you should join or how to contact your general leader, please review this Club Contact Information Sheet or email: info@4hnovascotia.ca.  You can also use the FIND A CLUB NEAR YOU Map to find clubs in your area to point you in the right direction!

Letter of welcome to the 4-H program!

If you experience any technical issues with the online form, please notify support@4hnovascotia.ca.

Returning Members & Leaders
Renewal Information

Checklist to provide General Leader:

  • Select Project(s) 
  • Signed Code of Conduct Form
  • Registration Fee (Cloverbuds/Members)

(Note: Registration form not required for 2020 for returning members)

Contact Info Change
Online | PDF

New Members & Leaders
Registration Information

Complete Registration Form (online link below).

Checklist to provide General Leader:

  • Select Project(s)
  • Signed Code of Conduct Form
  • Registration Fee (Cloverbuds/Members)

New Member/Leader Registration: Household new to 4-H Nova Scotia.

New Member/Leader Registration: Household currently enrolled in 4-H Online

Code of Conduct Form

Details for General Leaders &
Leader Screening Info

Registration Checklist: General Leaders:

  • Ask returning members to confirm contact information on file.
  • Using the 'Project' File from 4-H Nova Scotia, indicate the projects selected for each returning and new member/leader.
  • Collect and submit registration fees and Code of Conduct Forms to 4-H Nova Scotia by December 1, 2019.

New Member/Leader Registration Form  (Hard Copy)    PDF

Leader Screening
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